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We describe ourselves on our blog as, “A group of artists, architects, city planners, environmentalists, and non-profiters and because we have never really wanted leave school or dislodge our need for intellectual stimulation, we got together to start Night School.  It is part supper club, part discussion group, and part… well we are still trying to figure out exactly what it is.  In the mean time we will keep coming up with topics that provoke our curiosity and inspire our creativity.  We invite anyone who takes the time to read our posts to join our conversation.”

I’m not sure that entirely encompasses what we are, but it is a start.  Night School is a platform; a platform for creativity, discussion, and a haven for the juxtaposition of unexpected ideas. 

We start every meeting with a prompt.  The prompt is intended to be specific enough to point in a particular direction but broad enough to generate multiple responses.  People explore a particular aspect of the prompt that is interesting to them.  Exploration may take the form of research into a particular idea or a visual exploration.  Regardless of the form it takes, we have an intentional discussion around a prompt. 

Although our prompts give Night School a structure, the conversation is the dominant theme of our interactions.  Our intention is to facilitate the intersection of ideas.  Night School can also be understood as a collective artistic practice.  It is the collective aspect of an artistic practice that sets it apart from the internal cognotive processes we typically engage in as artists.  Translating the internal cognotive thought process into a collective exchange is at the heart of the intention for Night School.  Translating this collective exchange of ideas to a community practice is the motivation for curating an exhibition. 

Now that we have been meeting regularly for two years, we are looking for opportunities to expand our platform.  We are interested in exploring what it means to take Night School outside of our living rooms and seeing how that can become part of an artistic practice and a collective sharing of ideas.