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no man’s land

Hall’s installation questions the idea of territory as a spatial dimension that we define by naming space through land ownership and architecture. Point of Beginning is a kinetic sculptural installation made up of two carousel slide projectors and a wall in between that moves slowly toward and away from each projector. Using the artist’s Grandmother’s 35mm slides of landscape images of Colorado, Texas, and the American West along with other found slides, the images come in and out of focus and change size as the wall moves. The projectors advance automatically on a loop such that to see any one image in focus, a viewer would have to stand and wait for that image to coincide with the wall being at the right distance from the projector. The installation No Man’s Land explores the idea the idealized landscape as one that is far removed from the denigrated images of the 1950’s slides and equally removed from the the actual experience of the land. As the images move through different focal distances they become abstractions of a reality that was never what it appeared to be.